Phnom Kulen Tour Guide Sreyneang


Sreyneang is 22 years old and originally from Tul Kralanh village in Banteay Srey. Her family home is located about 10 minutes from Kulen. She is a former Bridge of Life English student and studied from 2009 - 2013. After finishing the program, she moved to Siem Reap city and worked as a traditional Apsara dancer as well as the night market. In July 2017 she began training as a tour guide. In addition to sharing her homeland with Kulen Revealed, she drives for Lavender Jeep Siem Reap, a social enterprise that empowers women entrepreneurs.
Phnom Kulen Tour Guide - Rouen Saro


Saro 25 years old and moved to Banteay Srey when he was a toddler. He grew up about 15 minutes from Phnom Kulen. He is a former Bridge of Life English student and studied at the school from 2009 - 2012. After finishing high school, Saro received a scholarship to study IT at the University of South East Asia. He initially found work in the development sector but made the transition to guiding in 2016 with a focus on the floating villages, where he was originally born. Saro is happily married, and he and his wife will be having his first child in 2018.
Phnom Kulen Tour Guide - Phal Tour


Tour is also from Kul Tralanh village in Banteay Srey. He lost his father at a young age and dropped out of school to support his family. He later studied English with Bridge of Life and found employment as a cleaner at the school. In 2013 he made a move to Siem Reap city where he worked in the food and beverage industry. After years of hard work he was promoted to manager at one of the largest bakeries in Siem Reap, but he still leads tours in the daytime. Tour is engaged and looks forward to marrying his fiance (who also lives near Kulen Mountain) in 2018.
Phnom Kulen Tour Guide - Rouen Paren


Paren was born in Kompong Khleang, a floating village about 50 kilometers from Phnom Kulen, but grew up in Banteay Srey following his parent's separation. After high school, Paren moved to Siem Reap city where he worked at a hotel and later an NGO. He was hired to teach at Bridge of Life School’s in Banteay Srey in 2013 and was later promoted to country director. Paren balances many jobs including management, finance, and guiding. He is married with one child. One of his favorite memories was visiting his brother-in-law in France.
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